Last Week of October Horoscopes October 26 to November 1 2020


The week will be successful for you in every way. Business cases will bring you good financial income, given the successful arrangements and deals. With an inner urge of feelings, ambition, enthusiasm and energy you will build a successful professional career and personal growth. Achievements will increase your self-confidence, but you should not forget yourself. Pay tribute to those who have contributed to your victory by remaining earthly and accessible. Be sure to give gifts to your loved ones, give them with care and love. Your good attitude towards your surroundings will make the atmosphere pleasant. Find time to rest, do not overdo it.



Your intuition about business and profits will point you in the right direction. Combining it with your reason and interests, you will direct funds to new areas of development or expand your business. Be tolerant of those who think differently from you. Give them the opportunity to present their thesis and you will be convinced of their good attitude to your problems, which will make you happy. You know how to defend your positions, sometimes with diplomacy, sometimes with other means, but you almost always fail to note the achievements of others or at least their support. The health of a loved one will create more care for you, it's time to think about your behavior. You do not realize the stress you cause with your endless grumbling, unnecessary instructions and excessive chastity that you instill among your loved ones. Have more faith in them and do not restrict their freedom.


You will consistently and diligently reject your tasks and pursue your goals. Despite the difficulties, most pronounced with the administrative authorities, you will be able to bring your things to a successful conclusion. The support you hope for will not be late, but more importantly, you will be able to handle it yourself, as long as you do not succumb to your inner hesitations. You will have good cooperation with members of the fair sex. A long-standing friendship with a lady who has done a lot for your prosperity will come to the fore again. Show her your respect, and there is something you can do for her. The coming days will fill you with pleasant expectations and with more kindness in your heart you will give love and warmth.


With your established authority you will take your rightful place in professional, public and any other field. Which does not mean that you can ignore the circumstances and facts arising from the actions of others, on the contrary. Your ability to work in a team will accelerate the development of a business or other project, and will be appreciated and tolerated by your partners. The synchronicity created between you will make your actions successful and your interests protected. In terms of your solo performances, you will also have good chances, as long as you are open and in control of the negative aspects of your character. The latter is especially important in joint work, where surprises are possible. There will be developments in the intimate life of the unmarried, a new relationship or other experiences will make the period significant and with a positive sign for the future.


Be guided by reason and do not gamble on your luck. In search of what you want, be aware of the risk you are taking. You will be satisfied after the end of each victory, but if it comes at the cost of more inconvenience, your satisfaction will be short. News at the end of the week will change the conditions in a positive direction. Share your time with loved ones, so you will recharge your batteries and gain strength and courage. If circumstances take you to a public place, try to stay in the background. Work quietly and 

not intrusively, and when you do your job well, accept the approval of the audience. Only then. And once you've done your job well, you can relax and unwind. Do not deprive yourself of the useful and pleasant things that life will offer you. If you succeed, provide them yourself.


Liked and unloved, you will continue to look for your place under the sun. The positive energy you have traced will help you to perceive the different attitude towards yourself and to show steadfastness of character, thoughts and actions. But, you will have to change your mind, which comes to show you that like any other earthly person, you are not insured against mistakes. Don't be afraid to admit it, even in front of yourself, and look for it ways to fill the gap in your knowledge and move forward. Your love life will be repeated as a confirmation of the above. The mind will lead you to reject another relationship, and emotions will make you susceptible to feelings and tenderness.


The urgency of your projects will make you engage in many tasks at once and this will tire you endlessly at some point. You need to be more focused and focused on the things you do. Your strength will be enough, do not think about it, but give your best. Some of you are about to take exams, competitions, defenses, others will travel. Those who go to work abroad should not worry about the possible problems that accompany their stay there. Relying on their reason and the luck that is with them, they will be satisfied with what they have achieved. The goals you have set will limit your propensity for entertainment and spending money. Businessmen will be more busy, but at the same time they will work on expanding their activities. At the end of the period, they will boast of financial gains and this will make their vacation sweeter. But the trust and love you have in life is your biggest gain.


You will go through the days of the week in a different mood. Your workload, if you are at work, will increase due to the absence of some colleagues or due to new commitments. A little bored you will follow your obligations without investing much creativity, but not indifferent to the requirements for you. However, do not relax, the period is constructive for you and with your insightful and timely moves you will ensure progress in your professional and personal life. By maintaining a fair relationship with your partners, you will establish your name, which will help you in the race with competition. Go confidently on your way and you will not lack energy. There will be something to make you happy without the risk of self-forgetfulness. You are not one of those people who shine with reflected light, you are respected and this is visible to everyone. The love of your loved ones and people who do not hide their good attitude towards you gives you impetus, nourishes your ambitions and motivates you to be among the first.


Circumstances will help you show the qualities and skills you possess. With unmistakable accuracy you will predict events, which in turn will make you bolder, but also successful. Do not overdo your negative evaluations of people around you. And you are not perfect, and you risk isolating yourself from useful and constructive people. Indulge in your direct responsibilities, work focused and do not spend unnecessarily. Follow your short-term plans and so go towards achieving your goals. Health problems are possible, bring balance to your diet, exercise, work and rest. You will feel happy if you are surrounded by positive-minded people, see the beauty in small gestures and enjoy the little joys in your life.


Setting clear goals and following the development of events, with energy and desire you will embark on their realization. With a sense of things, you will look for balance in everything and you will achieve your plans. Your finances will grow in proportion to the energy you put into your work. On this basis you will afford more things, you will travel and meet people from afar. Your social commitment will put you in a favorable environment for performance and will give you a chance to show your ability to organize events and people. The unmarried are waiting for pleasant surprises, for some it means a new love, and for others marriage. Take good care of the needs of others and remember that changes in life are not impossible. Think about the time when you will maintain another image, then you will need strong support.


As a consequence of the circumstances, you will think more practically, relying on yourself but also on your good contacts. You will avoid misunderstandings if you are as clear and concise as possible to those who have proven that they cannot be trusted. Your advocacy for people with fewer opportunities than yours will be accompanied by active action in support of your own interests. In addition, you will open your senses to other, no less noteworthy things around you. You will work on the development of an already started or new project, surprises are possible. Make your decisions after a thorough analysis and in no case in a hurry. Show trust and agreement to the people around you and remember that their attitude towards you is a mirror of yours to them. With positive thinking and action you will achieve more than with anger and aggression. Everything else is a false glow that you will remain indifferent to, given the values ​​you believe in and carry.


You are strongly attracted to your desire to achieve more material gains, but be careful. There may be obstacles of a domestic nature that can upset the balance in your daily life. Nevertheless, your desire to succeed will compensate for your efforts and the results will satisfy you. Make your own decisions if you want things to go your way. Be less influenced by other people's opinions, it's easy for you. Following your personal interests will increase your resilience and this will stimulate you in your search for new challenges. Your increasing sexual activity will provoke you and you will not lack desires for more entertainment outside the home. Don't let that ruin your relationship. A secular event will direct your interest in a direction different from your interests and will set you up constructively.