Womens Fashion Bikini Trends for 2020

Swimsuit Trends for 2020

Crop tops, motor sport patterns, neon, and animal prints are a focus in the year 2020 for swimsuit design. Themes such as these will be included in the year for Adrianna Label.

Have you thought about which trend you'll be going after?

Trends in The Bikini Industry

How have trends in fashionable clothing influenced the bikini industry?

Coachella, as the most-looked-forward to event has grown in marketing and in the eyes of the clothing industry. At this festival, what you wear has grown in to a fashion exhibition every year. Every person makes sure to get that perfect shot of the sun setting behind them, the ferris wheel in the back, and a trendy outfit that owns that picture. And we can't blame them, it's captivating and makes for some good, attractive content.

This is why the bikini industry has grown into many diverse pieces and styles as well as labels. Every consumer envisions themselves in it and decides what trend he/she will stick to. Some other events that include a diverse option of clothing would be concert goers, festivals such as Burning Man, Outside Lands, county fairs, beach parties, and exotic vacations that are documented for our memories. What do these events have in common?

Influencers are now wearing the hottest trends-minus the beach setting.

More often, we see bikinis getting repurposed into "a look" rather than its original functionality- for water.

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2020 Trends

Adrianna Label will grow in the year 2020. You can expect, bikinis as the original bikini basics, crop tops that accentuate your waist, more animal print to stay on trend, and zippers for a sporty look and easy accent to any style. The materials will be such that can be incorporated in a quick workout, a day out tanning, resistant to washes, and accentuating to the body type.

In 2020, many brands are turning towards a diverse outlook on what bikinis will be used for. Thinking outside the box for these pieces will capture more attention for the target consumer and align better with current trends.

In the future Adrianna Swim wishes to be in the sustainable fashion industry with highly recycled materials, along with a manufacturer that supports ocean cleanups. This is also a trend in the new year, sustainability is now key!

2020 will be a year of many different creative outputs for the brand and we hope the brand will catch your eye with their individuality, cool weekly horoscopes, and many blogs they offer so you can keep up. Follow along on Instagram @Adrianna_Label