Weekly Horoscopes December 14-December 20

We are all waiting for the most wonderful time of the year. The final stretch to conclude 2020.

Aries March 21- April 20

You, Aries, will have a new beginning at the beginning of the week. You will be adaptable and quite positive and will demonstrate a new image and opportunities to others. After Thursday you will be on holiday and you will find a way to relax and unwind. It is good to pay enough attention to your loved ones and pamper them.

Taurus April 21- May 21

You, Taurus, will deal mainly with love issues at the beginning of the week. It is possible to be able to resolve long-standing conflicts with your partner or to undertake new joint ventures. After Thursday, you will embark on the work process with full force and in all probability you will make significant progress and mark many tasks.

Gemini May 22- June 21

You, Gemini, have many interesting events waiting for you during the week. It will be difficult for you to stay in one place and rest, but on the other hand you will have the opportunity to meet interesting and unusual people. It is very likely that you will introduce something new into your life, indulge in interesting entertainment or procedures, or change your vision or presentation to people.

Cancer June 22- July 22

You, Cancer, at the beginning of the week will be very dedicated to your hobby or entertainment and will most likely be very sociable. It is possible to engage in flirtations and jokes with someone who is very intriguing to you. After Thursday, you will pay attention to a close friend and help him solve an urgent problem.

Leo July 23- August 23

Leos, at the beginning of the week will be very busy with a member of your family, with repairs or with the purchase of new appliances or furniture for your home. After Thursday, you will focus on the work process and in all likelihood you will start new winning projects or deals.

Virgo August 24- September 23

A successful week awaits you. You will be able to fit into your environment quite well and you will achieve what you set out to do, both personally and professionally. Those who are free of you will most likely come across a person who will impress them greatly, while the employed will have the chance to spend fruitful time with their partner. You may earn additional funds or receive late payments.

Libra September 24- October 23

Libra, at the beginning of the week you will deal mainly with financial issues. You will be pragmatic and you will manage your capital well. After Thursday you will spend time for yourself and your own needs, as well as those of your closest people. You may receive interesting messages, calls or deliveries.

Scorpio October 24- November 22

Scorpio The week will be really successful for you, representatives of the Scorpio zodiac sign. You will be able to find your unique way to shine and impress others. After Thursday, it is possible that some of you will buy a new car, laptop or phone. It is possible that new colleagues will come and you will have to train.

Sagittarius November 23- December 21

Most of you, Sagittarians, may embark on short trips to interesting destinations this week. In any case, you will be adventurous and curious. It is possible to receive important news, calls or messages. Be careful with your means of communication and transport and approach them responsibly.

Capricorn December 22- January 20

Capricorns, will be able to demonstrate your prestige with financial status or new gains. In terms of love, it is good to reveal your feelings to your loved one, both in words and deeds. It is possible to meet people you have not seen for a long time and spend time with them.

Aquarius January 21- February 19

You, Aquarius, will use the beginning of the week for social contacts or public events. It is very likely that you will meet the right people, who will later be useful to you in one form or another with advice or recommendation. You will spend the second half of the week with your closest people and in all probability in a home atmosphere. It is possible to indulge in culinary experiments and be properly appreciated by your loved ones.

Pisces February 20- March 20

With you, Pisces, at the beginning of the week quarrels with your partner are not excluded. Try not to be too extreme in your statements and not to beg for painful past situations. After Thursday you will be able to spend time with your family and enjoy the comfort of home. It is very likely to renovate your interior at home or indulge in culinary experiments.

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