ADRIANNA LABEL Will Donate to the Autistic Community as Part of April Autism Acceptance & Awareness

This month we are eager to share we are working with a cause that hits close to home. We will be donating 10% of each purchase to the Autism Research Institute from April 20-May 20. We have coordinated this with the Spring collection drop we're adding to, but any purchase from any collection will contribute to the cause in this period.

Background on The Autism

Research Institute: 

“The Autism Research Institute (ARI) conducts scientific research related to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of autism. The Institute aims to improve lives of those with autism by providing new research to those on the spectrum, their families, and the professionals with whom they work.” According to Applied Behavioral Analysis Programs. 

How Donations Help: Autism Research Institute boasts a four-star rating from Charity Navigator. Money donated to the Institute goes towards:

  • conducting autism-related research
  • supporting the research of partner organizations
  • providing information and education to those it would benefit.

For more information on The Autism Research Institute, please visit

The amount of families affected by an autistic family member has grown dramatically over the years. Autism is not easily defined or explained as an illness. The "spectrum" is a common term used in describing an individual because it does in fact seem like a variation of factors, characteristics, and intensity that differs for each person that is affected. The term can be looked down upon when describing someone, so the chart below shows a better understanding of where this person is as far as terms of physical expression, physical ability, and communication skills.

Autistic Spectrum
Image by IG:
@_ninstagram explaining the way to understand the character of a
person affected with Autism.


We aim to increase curiosity on the topic and have people educate themselves on Autism, even if it means learning to pay attention to their own mental health. We are happy to support and encourage awareness through our channel for Autism. We will continue keeping up with The Autism Research Institutes monthly developments.

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