Bikini Trends for 2021

A long year has been left behind & we are ready to unwind this Spring season with a fresh new appearance. 

The dark shadow of 2020 still looms and we are ready for a new perspective on this years' fashion, including swimwear.

Swimwear pieces that we can expect to make a statement in this new year & Spring 2021 are a bit different than our usual go-to basic pieces. A bolder approach is expected to hit this years beaches and versatility in streetwear. Yes, you can pull off a swim top with an easy cover up/see through shirt and high waisted pants or shorts for street fashion.

1. Animal Print

Animal printed swimsuits have always been a favorite, even if they start declining in trending styles. There will always be a statement print in anyones wardrobe. In 2021, they are not leaving the trending hashtag so fast. Here is how ADRIANNA LABEL is bringing in the animal print, but not in your regular bikini fashion. We launched a simple tie up blouse that can be dressed down for beach parties and dressed up for night time.

Animal Print Cover Up // SPRING 2021 COLLECTION

2. Cover Ups

Hear me out, as long as you can wear it around water or a pool, does it have to be a revealing bikini? An easy way to pull off events around water is cute two piece set cover ups. The colors are fun and bold for the not-so everyday look and you stand out beautifully if dressed up a bit. 

3. String Bikinis

String Bikinis can be a bit on the sexy side, but what other years in your life would you have a chance to rock this sexy string ensemble? Find a bold print or color with a neutral cover up and you're ready for the best tanning session. In another sense, fringe is also an upcoming popular style in textiles. Tassles, fringe, and ruffles are making a come back this year & adding that needed accent, can make your whole #OOTD.

Leenie 3-Piece Bikini Set // SPRING 2021

Lea Fringe 3-Piece Bikini Set // SPRING 2021

4. Marble Accents

Marble looks so refreshing for the Spring time! You wouldn't expect to see it as a print, but now its making its way out of the kitchen marble and on to clothing & bikinis! The accented blues and purple with a gold sliver make a captivating look for all seasons. The suit comes with a skirt cover up which makes for the best bikini set. Most sets in the Spring collection come with a skirt tie up for your waist. 

Emalina 3-Piece Bikini Set // SPRING 2021

5. Bold Colors

We made sure to include a loud & bright color set with a skirt tie up to conclude the Spring fashion in Bikinis. In the collection we also have a bright yellow 3-Piece Set to tie off a whole look in one purchase! 

Lani 3-Piece Bikini Set

Many pieces to choose from this season as we launch into a new fresh start. Shop the clothing and bikini collection below and comment which piece is your favorite!

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