February 2022 Monthly Horoscopes

ARIES March 21 - April 20

Your activity in February will be impressive, both in making new contacts and in seeking opportunities to smooth over misunderstandings with partners, relatives and friends. You have realized your mistakes and are ready to compromise, but again for the sake of interests that overlap with yours.Your agreeableness will attract new people to you, you will shine with reading and knowledge in every sphere, but do not try to exceed your capabilities, lest you fail. There are many tasks on your agenda for the month, many of them financial, but don't be a maximalist. Tying yourself down to many commitments could derail your plans and jeopardize your physical condition. It's time to realize that tact and your ability to dissemble are needed in almost every situation, except when you are put in the role of the defenseless. Don't feel obliged to take the initiative in every respect, because you're hurting yourself. Accept that everyone has their own way and follows their own logic of things, and don't act as the first authority in everything. Expand your circle of acquaintances and new friendships, but only allow those you can trust unconditionally. The month is good for marriage if you have a suitable partner. During the period February 4 - 7 and 28, take better care of yourself, don't be petty and don't delve into past stories.

TAURUS April 21 - May 21

February is auspicious for your endeavors, aspirations and desires. You will plan your work well so that you achieve the maximum results from it. Insightfully and with the future in mind, you will involve other people in it, some making them partners, others associates, but in any case so that your common tasks and affairs go smoothly and as you envisage. Thanks to your strong intuition, you will always manage to be where it is needed, bringing order also into the thoughts of those who have lost hope for their tomorrow. Socializing will come easily to you, widening your circle of acquaintances and business contacts. Being good conversationalists, you will attract people to you who will be pleasant to work with and enjoy. Travel is also part of your plans, both for business and pleasure. Anticipation of change will accompany many of you assertive and active Taels, and you will be able to take advantage of circumstances, subordinating them to your interests. By no means think that everything will be served to you ready-made, in fact you do not. Your successes will be the fruit of work, work and more work. Be prepared and active for this. You will be eager to expand your knowledge in the arts, which will enrich you spiritually and intellectually. In summary, it can be said that February gives you all the chances for fulfillment and not only professionally but also personally. The unattached should not miss the moment, among the new acquaintances will meet their mate, but everything depends on them. Open your senses and you will saturate your life with more romance and love. During the days of February 13 - 15, be extra careful, limit alcohol and watch your health to avoid unwanted developments.

GEMINI May 22 - June 21

February brings you emotions and changes, many of which you will find yourself unprepared for. Consider your behavior and do not rush into decisions. No matter how tempted you may be by someone or something, first consider how it fits your value system, whether you need it and whether it will change the direction of your goals should you accept the challenge to make it happen. All in all, be very cautious and be selective about everything life presents you in May. In general, you will be in good shape of mind, able-bodied and enterprising, which will bring you the expected results. You will make gains and enjoy what you have achieved, fully deserved. Job seekers will find employment that interests them, others will start a course of study or in a field that will open up new opportunities for their professional realization. Do not allow yourself to show a superficial attitude to problems, as you are prone to do at times, and do not be impulsive lest you belittle the issues before you. The first half of the month is good for reaching agreements and signing contracts to participate in projects and for funding. During the month, do not overload yourself with many responsibilities and beware of nervous tension, lest it negatively affect your health. If you feel you need someone to share your problems with, seek out the right professional so you don't complicate your situation. Avoid dating in February, it will be more a fruit of emotions and will not lead to serious relationships. The month is not suitable for marriage. Be responsible to your partner and children if you are married, and more careful in your dealings with your parents.

CANCER June 22 - July 23

In hindsight, February will not be one of your easiest months of the year. There may be problems in your relationship with your intimate partner that you are either oblivious to, or in fact the targets of. Restraint in your relationship in no way pleases your half, on the contrary. You arouse her anxieties and contribute nothing to the peace and fulfillment of your relationship that you have had until now. At the same time, you will somehow ostentatiously demonstrate your freedom, suggesting to the world that this is your greatest desire and achievement. Your behaviour does not fit in with your sensible and measured actions as others have come to perceive you. But apparently that's the last thing you care about now. It is of note that you will feel comfortable in your environment, and in any other place. You will communicate with ease and be surrounded with people you like. My recommendations are to be more careful because not everyone among your surroundings is of pure intentions. In the form of various temptations, you may suffer disappointments and more. In pursuit of the wild, you may miss the tame. Beware your money, for many of your admirers are aiming right at it. In business, your affairs will develop with variable success and with better luck you will be able to recover your lost investments. In any case, it is preferable to be moderate in spending and consider your income. In the days from February 2 to 5, be especially careful and take better care of yourself. You have strength and will cope with your problems.

LEO July 24 - August 23

It is a rule of life not to try to change others. Unfortunately your attempts will not do you any good either, you will calculate suffering that will take time to heal from. Professionally, February is blessed for you. You will work on current and new projects and with your skills you will create conditions for the work to grow, from which you will earn not only money, but also prosperity. There will also be no shortage of good proposals that don't need long to think about. Believe in yourself and accept, you will not regret. You possess many positive qualities, among which honesty and integrity stand out. You are preferred as partners, you are invited, but this also causes you problems. Worry less about others, and pay attention to your own life, because there is more to do to make it more peaceful and desirable. Often, just presenting yourself as a victim does nothing for your success and self-esteem, on the contrary. Be clear in your relationships and positions, and don't take credit for things in which you have no particular part. Accept loss with dignity and do not seek revenge to maintain your authority and respect. In terms of your intimate life, many of you experience frustration in strange ways. Don't look for a way out of your problems in alcohol, there are more worthwhile solutions, and responsibility to those close to you obliges. The unattached will meet their right partner with whom they will feel understood and happy, but don't do anything rash. More peace, more shared moments and desires.

VIRGO August 24 - September 23

February will bring you what you have been working for and expecting. Until the 11th, do not undertake new ventures, do not sign contracts and beware of conflicts. Follow your own agenda and don't give in to temptations. Your successes are related to your professional, socio-political, business and personal affairs as long as you start them after the above date. Your right decisions and timely actions guarantee progress in everything you undertake in the second half of the month. Be able to control your emotions and not give in to impulses pushing you towards risky and reckless actions. Independent pursuits are a guarantee of a job well done. Collective successes, if any, will be temporary and not conducive to serious changes and victories. Your ambitions are high and you have the strength to realize them, it is up to you to get your priorities right and work towards their realization. In terms of your professional career, destiny encourages you to show skills and qualities that will propel you to the top, as long as you are moderate and don't try to get ahead of events. Business meetings held after February 11 will expand your useful contacts and lead to professional and financial involvement. Spend wisely and don't splurge on anything to keep your financial and mental state stable. Health ailments due to colds and angina are possible during the month, damaging the heart. Seek your own ways of relieving stress and be less preoccupied with the problems of your surroundings. The atmosphere of the family will give you a feeling of security, but with some of the representatives of the sign are possible problems in marriage, and even separations.

LIBRA September 24 - October 23

Open and casual in your behaviour and actions, you will be accompanied by financial and professional success in February. Your ambition to be among the best will make you very active, and without sparing any effort you will boast of more than one or two acquisitions. You will be attracted by power and high positions, but don't put the material above all else lest you lose out. Your loved ones, and friends too, may feel aggrieved by your lack of attention to them, which will affect your life, however much you may not realize it. The period is successful for business ventures and property deals. You will be completing projects and tasks you have started, the results of which will have a renewing effect on your income and self-esteem. Such will be the developments for those who are actively working, for the rest, stagnation is possible, which will be expressed in depressions and other, negative effects on the psyche and health. Overall you will have a chance, it is up to you to use it for its intended purpose and work to improve your life. Your travels will be successful. Take care of your parents and children, many of them need more attention. Tensions will affect your health, and if you don't do something more for your relaxation your complaints of headaches, insomnia, heart problems are likely to increase. Make more time for entertainment too. Love is strong and encourages you to achieve your goals. The unattached can get married. During the days of February 19 to 21, the danger of injuries, colds and infections is the greatest.

SCORPIO October 24 - November 22

Your dedication to your work will take centre stage in your thoughts, actions and life in general. Generally speaking, you will achieve your goals if you act thoughtfully and don't rush into decisions. Intelligent and with your own handwriting in everything you do, you will find it easy to realize your intentions as long as you get people on your side whose skills and abilities you believe in. Express your confidence in them and together you will make progress in your common affairs. In terms of your finances, things are different. It is advisable not to discuss such matters with people with whom you do not share a common home and business, lest you be surprised or disappointed by someone's unkind actions. In any case, rely on yourself and your labor, and so your victories will be guaranteed and sweeter. At the end of the month follow developments that will change your life in many directions. Show yourself strong and work confidently for them, in any case you will not regret, because you have proved that you are able to achieve your goals. At the same time, it is advisable to find balance in your relations with your loved ones and suppress the aggression that overwhelms you, because this is also possible in your quest to impose your opinion at any cost. Do not neglect the people you love and who love you, lest you lose their desire to share with you and even come to a parting of ways. To recover what you have lost will prove impossible for you. Seek the spiritual connection in your love, anything else will bring disappointment. Avoid overwork, nervous tension and colds so that you feel vibrant, capable and with fresh ideas. The days when you will be more vulnerable are February 8 to 10.

SAGITTARIUS November 23 - December 22

Look deeper into your emotions and feelings in February, because for many of you they will cause problems if you let them control you and allow them to influence your objectivity and actions. Do not remain indifferent to the problems of your surroundings either, if you think they do not affect you, you are mistaken. The spiritually advanced are well aware that by helping them they are actually helping themselves, so make the effort and show your benevolence. Your sensitivity will be heightened, especially in the first half of the month, and you may often be left hurt by someone or something, so be discerning. Events and the heart will truthfully suggest to you from whom it is better to disassociate to preserve your mental stability, eliminating its negative impact on yourself. Until February 7, do not undertake new ventures, be careful while traveling and when working with cutting tools. Do not get into conflicts and live humbly. Professionally and personally, work on your current tasks and don't let procrastination cause you losses. After this date, your professional and business realizations will take a more accelerated pace, agreements and financial deals await you. In your relations with colleagues and partners, show tolerance and do not respond with aggression to their attempts to show you where you are wrong, because you risk losing their respect and more. It is certain that there is more for you to learn, including about yourself, which for various reasons you have missed until now. Rest assured that your stubbornness will only remain at your expense. The sooner you realize it, the better for you and your life in the future. Your professional commitments will increase, your money and family comforts too. In the workplace, shifts, layoffs and replacements are possible, but don't be in a hurry to worry because you will have good opportunities as well.

CAPRICORN December 22 - January 20

You set yourself ambitious goals in February, which you have a chance to realize, as long as you rely on yourself and do not get involved in backstage machinations and intrigues. You may be driven to the latter by people who, under the guise of complicity and flattery, will try to manipulate and use you for their own selfish ends, and ultimately make you subservient to their will. You will not lack foresight, listen to your intuition and your sense of things to find the right solutions and not lose your drive. In February you will work for your professional and financial stabilization, and you will feel best where you do it with your heart, without compulsion and for other people's interests. This means working for yourself, and if circumstances require you to change jobs but you have the ability to postpone it, you'd better do it. If you are responsible and searching, you will find and realize people and truths that will open new horizons for you. Do not retaliate against those who have disappointed you and by whom you feel betrayed, but end your relationship with them once and for all in a civil manner. In the family, you will have a good relationship with your partner, your children and your parents, if as before you look after them with care and affection. The month is good for meeting a partner with whom you are happy and for entering into a marriage of love. Rest is important, don't neglect it, and take better care of your health during the period February 12 to 14.

AQUARIUS January 21 - February 19

February will be successful for the representatives of the sign of Aquarius, if you have well arranged your priorities and allocate your time in order of importance, without getting distracted in many directions. Professional duties will often take up more of your time and your responsibilities will grow, but don't let this interfere with relationships with colleagues and within the family. Be precise and clear in your speech and claims so you don't conflict with yourself and your expectations of others. Consistency is also essential for relationships with your partner and family. Be honest and do not betray your feelings and principles. The opposite will create anxiety and believe me will not make you happy. Humble yourself and don't demand more than you can give yourself. Don't break bridges and seek collaborative solutions to issues concerning you and your surroundings. On a personal level, you will have satisfaction, but only if you are positive about everyone life meets. There will be no shortage of difficulties, but they are surmountable. In the second ten days of the month you will have more opportunities to reveal your creative potential, so do not hesitate to do so. New contacts and connections will give you a sense of importance, be it to yourself. In your intimate relationships, be honest and not only in them, so that divisions do not follow. From February 4 to 6, take more care of your health and don't take chances in anything so that you pass with fewer losses.

PISCES February 20 - March 20

New developments are unlikely in February, so it's best to work on your current tasks. There's plenty to do at work to improve your climate, efficiency and income. Show your professionalism by not distancing yourself from colleagues, but working together on common themes. Something will be oppressing you, your sensitivities will be heightened and you'll be looking for reasons to be dissatisfied. Emotions will intensify around 19, when deterioration in your relationships with others is also possible. With more definite actions you will proceed to extreme decisions leading to divisions as well. But on the other hand, you will feel more in love with the person you are engaged to or meet your new love. Use the period Feb 4- 15 for business and professional arrangements, deals, travel and contacts. This is when you'll feel most able to work through and drop many commitments, plan new projects and your future as long as you have a clear vision of what's to come. The end of the month is good for resolving conflicts, completing matters started and routine activities, bringing what has been started to an end. For the most part, the month is successful with good prospects as long as you are in good condition and take advantage of the opportunities around you. Treat yourself to something special in the moments when you lack joy in life to balance your emotions and regain your spirit. During the period from February 19 to 21, be especially careful not to indulge in extremes of behaviour and monitor your health.