Lose Weight With The Moon Diet in 2020

Weight loss is a touchy subject and a hard task when you're trying to achieve your desired weight goal.

It is possible to cut the calories through a different method besides exercise. In this article I will tell you how the moons' magnitude works in your favor to help you lose those inches.

The moons magnitude affects the tides, waves, and our personal bodies liquid balance. Knowing this, we can work with the way the moon has an impression on us.

How many kilograms can you lose during the diet?

During this diet if you keep yourself on a strict regime, you can lose a minimum of 1 kilogram (2 pounds) every full moon.

There are foods you must refrain from at the given time of the lunar phases. I will explain the phases of the moon because they determine the days you are on the 24-hour diet.

How Do I Begin?

To begin this diet you don't need to mentally prep and tell yourself you can't have sweets or salts. This is why it is so easy to begin because you can still eat how you like for the most part. For me, I know that 4 days out of the month I will be sticking to a liquid diet for 24 hours and that can easily be done.

These four days out of the month are significant because that's when the moons' magnitude changes and it allows your body to digest liquids rather than heavy foods. You can expect to see results from keeping your regime on the given days below.

You begin by tracking the moon calendar below and acknowledging the days you will be dieting. Keep in mind the time also matters, it is all written on the calendar for you.

 Phases of The Moon

The lunar diet follows the various phases of the moon. There is four phases to pay attention to:

First Quarter, New Moon, Last Quarter, & Full Moon they occur in a months time and at each time you will be expressing the regime by consuming only liquids.

First Quarter- The right half of the moon is illuminated.

New Moon- The Moon is turned to the earth.

Last Quarter- The left side of the moon is illuminated.

Full Moon- When the earth is between the sun and the moon. The entire lunar disc is visible.

How do I adapt the moon diet?

The moon diet has positive effects on our weight, due to the fact that the water content in our body increases significantly. The diet itself lasts just 24 hours, four times a month, beginning as soon as the moon enters a particular phase.

  • An important and basic rule is that the regime is to only consume freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, mineral water, tea (without sugar, but honey and lemon are allowed)
  • Milk and alcohol are strictly forbidden. If you consume coffee, you can have one, but without sugar or artificial sweeteners.

After 1 of your 4 dieting days (lunar days) it is recommended that the body is supplied with a light meal such as chicken, vegetables, fruit, baked goods & yogurt. Of course, it is possible to adopt the diet only during the full moon, but you will see less of a result.

You will find below the lunar days that are marked for starting the diet. Print out the given days and mark them with your results as well as what days you've completed. This can help track how your body performs on this regime.

Let me know if this works for you!


January 2020

24 January 2020 9:43PM- New Moon

February 2020

2 February 2020 1:42AM- First Quarter

9 February 2020 7:34AM- Full Moon

15 February 2020 10:18PM- Last Quarter

23 February 2020 3:33PM- New Moon

March 2020

2 March 7:58PM- First Quarter

9 March 5:48PM- Full Moon

16 March 9:35AM- Last Quarter

24 March 9:29AM- New Moon

April 2020

1 April 2020 10:22AM- First Quarter

8 April 2020 2:36AM- Full Moon

14 April 2020 10:57PM- Last Quarter

23 April 2020 2:26AM- New Moon

30 April 2020 8:39AM- First Quarter

May 2020

7 May 2020 10:46AM- Full Moon

14 May 2020 2:03PM- Last Quarter

22 May 2020 5:39PM- New Moon

30 May 2020 3:30PM- First Quarter

June 2020

5 June 2020 7:12PM- Full Moon

13 June 2020 6:24AM- Last Quarter

21 June 2020 6:42AM- New Moon

28 June 2020 8:16AM- First Quarter

July 2020

5 July 2020 4:45PM- Full Moon

12 July 2020 11:30PM- Last Quarter

20 July 2020 5:33PM- New Moon

27 July 2020 12:33PM- First Quarter

August 2020

3 August 2020 3:59PM- Full Moon

11 August 2020 4:45PM- Last Quarter

19 August 2020 2:42AM- New Moon

25 August 2020 5:58PM- First Quarter

September 2020

2 September 2020 5:23AM- Full Moon

10 September 2020 9:26AM- Last Quarter

17 September 2020 11:01AM- New Moon

24 September 2020 1:56AM- First Quarter

October 2020

1 October 2020 9:26PM- Full Moon

10 October 2020 12:40AM- Last Quarter

16 October 2020 7:32AM- New Moon

23 October 2020 1:24PM- First Quarter

31 October 2020 2:50PM- Full Moon

November 2020

8 November 2020 1:47PM- First Quarter

15 November 2020 5:08AM- Full Moon

22 November 2020 4:46AM- Last Quarter

30 November 2020 9:30AM- New Moon

December 2020

8 December 2020 12:37AM- First Quarter

14 December 2020 4:17PM- Full Moon

21 December 2020 11:42PM- Last Quarter

30 December 2020 3:29AM- New Moon



Translated from Dama.bg